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Losing A Piece Of Yourself.

By Ahbreejerae, Eagle Creek, OR

Many times in my life I have sat there day dreaming that my life was like an 80's movie. The guys back then had chivalry, and knew how to romance a woman. But in reality, there's no way I can go back in time, so I'm stuck with guys who find random "hookups" in their car romantic.

Being a teenager, hearing about people "hooking up" is nothing new. It's actually pretty expected. By the terms "hooking up" we are meaning that they either had sex, or engaged in sexual activities.

Many times teens hook up at parties, and for my school that's a lot. If you mix alcohol and Ecstasy with raging hormones, what else do you expect? The kids here, and I'm sure everywhere else, for the majority, are content with frying their brains and giving their virginity's away randomly.

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