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By Joceluna, Racine, MN

It is odd how one place can make me feel so much comfort, bliss, peacefulness, and maniac hyper ness. This place is not exactly comfortable but it gives my soul a sense of comfort. The place I am referring to odd enough, is my little sister’s bedroom floor. You could not count the hours we spent just sitting in silence for the sake of feeling someone else’s presence, laughing, crying, laughing so hard we began laughing crying and coughing and choking, dancing like crazed monkeys that could not reach the tick on their back, hiding from my mom when we heard her say “Jewels, Jocelyn come and clean the kitchen” or “Who spilt sugar all over the kitchen floor!!” and simply becoming closer as sisters. Reminiscing brings back all the boisterous times I spent on my little sister’s bedroom floor.

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