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It's Ok

By H0peF1ames, Blaine, MN

It's ok to cry,
it's not a weakness.
It's ok to laugh,
live every moment in happiness.
It's ok to fear the unknown,
there are things that are unpredictable.
It's ok to be yourself,
everyone is different and unique.
It's ok to hope
that there's a better future waiting ahead for you.
It's ok if you fall,
rise with the knowledge that you'll be stronger.
It's ok to lean on someone once in awhile,
share your feelings and don't close yourself to the world.
It's ok to feel that it's not going to be ok,
things never happen the way you want it to.
It's not ok, to let others judge you or define who you are.
You are yourself. You have the Power.
The Power to let the world know you are there. Now, use it!

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