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Answering a Challenge This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.

By Anonymous

"Hey, shouldn't you be heading to class? It's onthe other side of the school. I heard there's ... "

Before my friendhad a chance to finish her sentence, a big "uh-oh" sign had alreadyflashed in my head. For fear of getting a detention, I urged my legs to runthrough the always-crowded hallways. Having too much fun chatting with myfriends, I had lost track of time and forgotten how far away my next class was.Huffing and puffing, I reached Biology as the bell signalled the start of theperiod.

Whew! Barely made it, I thought as I plopped down in a seat,trying to catch my breath.

"Sientante ... andale, andale!" Dr.Jang, my teacher, yelled, clapping his hands, speaking in Spanish to catch theclass's attention.

When everyone was seated, Dr.

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