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The Needle in a haystack

June 13, 2011

By Skemo18, hamilton, NJ

It all happened at the college dormitory of NYU; to Sandy Kytt life was what you made it, so why not make it a little fun? As she wondered threw the busy streets of New York City, it seemed darker than normal. She stumbled onto the campus a little buzzed; she knew she stayed too long at the party with peter, her boyfriend. So she decided to call Mackenzie and let her know she was on her way.

It was just 12:30 pm, she was an hour passed curfew, her best friend Mackenzie was covering for her in case the dorm supervisor came for check-in. “Hello?” Mackenzie asked confused. “Hey, Mack, it’s me.” sandy said with a slur. “Oh my god! Sandy where are you? Miss McAvoy just came in for check-in. She asked where you were, I told her you were in the bathroom.

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