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Match Point

By Grayson, West Fulton, NY

It’s a toss up; no one knows for sure
whether it’ll be a hit, an ace in the hole,
or just another one of your faults.
No use trying to determine the outcome.
Sometimes it’s okay to go outside the lines.
Don’t lose your cool if you’re not winning,
for the tables will always turn.
What it really comes down to are the seconds;
the seconds before an imminent strike.
Seconds drawn out to an eternity feel;
where decisions are priceless
and every single move counts.
You have to double-down
and be sure of yourself.
Failure is not such a big deal;
tighten the strings and try again.
Every game has its advantage.
Every game has its point.
You will find your solutions for love.
The ball is in your court now.

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