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My True Pain

By bubbagump96, Frederick, MD

"Well... I guess this means there's only one thing left to do. Will you be my girlfriend?"
"YES!!!" I was so happy. I looked at the clock. 11:56. June 17th, 2011. I was now going out with my best friend who I haven't seen for two years. Laying in bed I felt myself blushing as we re-called all the good times we had in seventh grade. Thinking back, I don't think we had any bad times.
"I had the biggest crush on you in seventh grade, but I didn't think you felt the same." he said.
"No.. I felt the same." Smile, blush, giggle. I felt like a teenager with her first boyfriend. "So.. when are we going to hang out?" I asked.
"ASAP. lol" I giggled again. 12:56 "You getting tired? Cus I can go?"
"Just a little. But I can stay up.

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