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Shattered: The Triangle shirtwaist factory

By Skemo18, hamilton, NJ

It was March 25th, 1911. That was a day I will never forget, that day… my whole life was shattered.

“Beautiful….wake up its 6:30, you have to be to work at eight this morning…”my husband Jarrad said. “But honey-b, can’t we sleep just a little longer?” I whined. for some reason I wasn’t excited to go to work at all. I wanted to sleep in and hold him close to me. “Skyeler, you know I wouldn’t rather do anything else, but we have to go…you’ll see me later at dinner, ok?” “Fine”, I groaned. I got up kissed him on the cheek; he smiled a smile I will never forget. I went to take a shower and got dressed then left for work after telling him “I love you.”

Soon I was on my way to The Triangle Shirtwaist Factory, thinking of how I was going to tell my husband I was ready for our first child.

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