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Music of the heart This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.

By waiting_to_be_found, Conifer, CO

The crowd moved with the music. Thump. Sway, to the side. Thump. Sway back to the other side. Thump. Thump. Thump. Everyone was lost in themselves. You could see it in their eyes, their gleaming, absurd eyes. I watched them. But I was getting bored sitting on the couch while the rest of them let themselves go, each of them forgetting about everything but here, losing everything in the music, in the moment. Isn’t that what high schoolers were supposed to do? I wondered. But it bored me. So I got up, gathered the motivation to walk to my car, and I left.

I don’t think it really mattered though. Maybe they all thought I was lame for leaving. The quiet kid, who was too pretty to be as boring as she was, it was just like that. Some boy, some over zealous high school boy who was motivated by a lower realm, would come up and talk to me.

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