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World War II Interview

By cfrank, Hartville, OH

How old were you when World War II occurred, and what happened to you during this event?
“Well, the Untied States had just gone to war after the Japanese had attacked Pearl Harbor. So, in December of 1941, the United States went to war against Japan. Who were the allies with Japan, I don’t even remember? Italy and Germany. And, I wasn’t born at that time, but in February of 1942, a few months later, I was born, and I don’t remember anything, but I hear stories from my mother about how so many of her relatives, her brothers, her husband, and friends that they knew went to war – were called to action. And I remember them talking about the Canteen, that was in Alliance, where all the service men who came home for awhile met at the Canteen, and they got reduced food.

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