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Slumdog Millionaire: A Partial Display of a Rising Country

By Writomania, New Delhi, India

“So, have you ever been to India?” I asked Jacque. He was a good pen pal of mine; and by pen, what I actually mean is e-mail or to be rather precise, Facebook, the enormous cloud of social networking intermingled with a swift desire to meet the same people that you’ve just met in school, online that is taking over the world with it’s very attractive and alluring promise to help you ‘stay connected’.
“Naah… but I’ve seen the Slumdog Millionaire”. He grinned; another metaphor that I’ve used in pretext of sending an online emoticon closely resembling a lopsided smile on the face of a bright yellow egg yolk.
But what really grabbed my attention was his reply a cynical mockery filled to the brim with sarcasm and disdain.
Slumdog Millionaire:- A grossly overrated film made by a famous director picturing India in a pool of cow dung accompanied by whole massive colony of slums with children in their dirty undergarments running all over the place, having stolen a wallet or maybe some foreign tourist’s shoes.

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