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Preview 2 (Throwing Up)

By D2B_death2bunnies, monroe, NC

Sleep was less and less. Guilt surged through me and fire burned my throat. I went through in my head what I ate that day, chicken marinara with greens, toast and an orange, half a hot dog for lunch, mustard, ketchup, relish; was there something I was forgetting?
It was like that almost every night. Charice, my nurse, stayed outside the bathroom making sure I stayed straight, making sure I always talked.
The second day we met, officially.
I couldn’t take it anymore, my throat and my mouth felt disgusting. We had a residential bathroom (no toilet). I stayed in it probably once every hour just to brush my teeth.
Sweet ice crystals crushed into my tongue, burning at first, then soothing. Charice and another nurse were suspicious, but this was a habit I couldn’t, and didn’t need to break.

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