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What If...

By creativewritingismything, Brookshire, TX

What if the skies weren’t blue,
The clouds weren’t white,
But every love was true?
Would you cherish what you had within,
Or wish the skies were blue again?
What if the water was silver and gold,
But the jewelry dissolved,
Into water so cold?
Would you rather wash dishes with gold from a faucet,
Or wear around your neck your grandmothers old locket?
These are the questions that haunt us today,
When the world seems to be quickly fading to grey.
The time we have here is a limited one,
So we need to cherish what we have before we travel to the sun.
The lives that we live each and every day,
Are the ones that are slowly wasting away.
So the next time walking out the door is the path you choose,

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