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Heat On Humid Evenings

By AmandaWint3r, Mclean, VA

Don’t make me stay one more night,
if it’s only going to get worse,
if I hadn’t found you when you strayed,
I’d be in a better place,
But the happiness brought in some light,
When I thought all I needed was dark.
So don’t think it’s because of me,
And it will never, ever be about you,
Some things we can’t control,
Slippery shells on wet fingers,
Heat on a humid evening,
But I will always love you,
And there and there,
We will always play,
Forget about me and put the pain behind you.
It’s okay, because someday,
Someday we’ll meet again.
I won’t avoid you,
And you won’t be toxic to me.
Meet me at that place,
Where the light meets the dark.
And there is no heat on humid evenings.

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