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The Price of Pretty

By AliceH, great neck, NY

Vanity is wrong. Since ancient times, this concept has been drilled into the heads of young children of almost every culture, since ancient times. In Greek mythology, the beautiful Narcissus turned into a flower after staring at his reflection for too long. In fairytales, Snow White’s wicked stepmother was made evil before our eyes the moment she dared to stress about who was “the fairest of them all”. Yet, despite the numerous fables designed to frighten the vanity out of children, today’s society is still one that is fixated on outward appearance.
Hair, a woman’s follicular glory, is one particular body part that garners beauty obsession. Speaking as someone who has dealt with hair trauma all her life, I can say that hair has the ability to drastically affect lives. Many would say that hair only has as much power as we choose to give it.

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