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The Masks We Wear

By PukaMarseillaise, Boise, ID

Everyday, I put on a mask. I pick my clothes; I do my hair. I make a conscious choice of what I will say, depending on the situation. I envision what I want people to see, and it is my intent to be perceived that way. I believe that we are not the masks we wear; that these are only fronts made for the purpose of hiding our true nature. Everyone’s mask is different; they vary in degrees of opacity, or how close the mask is to the person’s true nature. In my case, I would estimate that my mask is pretty opaque, as is most people’s. Here’s why.

I think that, most of the time, what we say and do, we say and do for a purpose. I know cause and effect and I use it to help me on my quest; the quest that everyone shares: our quest to change ourselves. If I were to isolate myself, then I would go into my isolation understanding that people may perceive me as unfriendly, or mean, or any number of things.

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