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The Difference This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.

By Katsmile2012, Independence, CA

I coughed. Opening the lid to the box had released a cloud of dust that tickled my nose. Adjusting my gloves I reached inside, wanting to get this over with. I don't enjoy cleaning, and sorting old boxes that were never unpacked after our last move is the worst.

A glint of green and gold caught my eye, and I pulled at the mysterious object. After dislodging it from the mountain of junk on top, I found that it was an old photo. Years of dust and grime sat on the glass, teasing me with a limited view of the picture. The subject was a woman, beautiful, confident, and radiating life. Her dirty blond hair was curled to frame her face and floated down her back. She wore an elegant, emerald green off-the-shoulder dress. Her eyes were optimistic and she was obviously very glamorous, probably famous.

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