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forever then never

shaniah f., billings, MO By rosei, billings, MO

no matter how tough or how week you are, i have always been your friend. the days you wore your hair down or in a messy bun, i still told you that you were beautiful. when i had my bad days, or when you had problems, i held your hand and said i was always here till the end. we cried on eachothers shoulders and told eachother how much we loved eachother. we had our quots explainging our friendship. ftbpt(forever the best put together), or even sf(sisters forever), that i guess didnt mean anything to you. you were so caught up in something that was not your life that you paid more attention to it then you did reality. when i said even though your not sure what you want im still standing here with the door wide open. no matter what it was, i still gave my heart and passion and friendship to you. but what i got back, was not... ftbpt.
so scary how quickly i gave up my family for my best friend then my best friend gave me up for lies and drugs... forever was really never. thats what i lived, since day one, 8th grade, september 28th 2009.

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