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Apocalypse of the human mind

June 26, 2011

By PSaditya, Hyderabad, India

You could think and think and think,
But you blink and you miss a link.
You click your fingers and things may disappear,
Snap them and they reappear.
Everything around you is an illusion,
No such thing as antimatter or nuclear fusion.
Unfortunately we believe what we see is true,
What we feel is real and so is what we do.
But it all may vanish in a matter of seconds,
No more love with hearts and wars with weapons.
You face the mirror filled with uncertainty and doubt,
You begin to wonder what the past was all about.
The floor is declining and the ceiling is rising,
The rainbow isn’t colorful and ice cream not appetizing.
You begin to fall away, with no ground to slam and die,
You search for a knife or a bludgeon to depart by.

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