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Dudley Vernon Dursley and Romilda

By Mahnooriable, Lahore, Pakistan

“Dudley, I really need to tell you something important,” said Romilda.
“Yes sweetie what is it? You need some more soup?” asked Dudley Vernon.
“Ah no, not that. I think we better go over to your house before I tell you this. Shall we go?” she asked.
“Yes, yes sure honey.” Dudley said with half a glance at his unfinished lunch.
Dudley Vernon and Romilda Vane got up from their chairs and after paying for their lunch went to Dudley’s car. They drove to the Dursley’s in complete silence.

“Good afternoon Mr. And Mrs. Dursley,” greeted Romilda.
“Well good afternoon honey, had a good time?” answered back Petunia Dursley.
“Er..yes..very!” Answered Romilda and made her way to Dudleys bedroom.
Dudley entered after her and shut the door.

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