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Come. Part two Paul

July 5, 2011

By FrownMonaLisa, Arlington, TX

“Dude what your doing to your wife is heartless.” That’s the third time this week I’ve been told that. Sitting in the bar, hanging with the guys. With a shot of whiskey in my right hand, a little black box in my left. “You don’t understand”

That’s my excuse, but the truth is I don’t understand. I don’t understand why I leave her alone at night. I don’t understand why right after dinner I just have to leave. It’s not that she’s uncaring, she’s an angel; and it’s not that she’s not beautiful; she’s the most gorgeous thing I’ve ever seen. There is nothing wrong with the house, it’s spectacular; and the neighborhood is great too. It’s just that I can’t stand to be there. Every day I put in overtime at work and don’t come home till 8. Then after dinner I’m out of the house by 9 and not back till midnight.

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