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Brave Annabeth

Sophia N., Villa Park, CA By prettylittlewriter, Villa Park, CA

The enemy soldiers took us by surprise near the River Bluebank. My father and brothers marched with the other men to face the battle. There was chaos all around us. We women and children took cover in the trees but I lost my mother in all the confusion. I thought she would come and find me when the fighting was done, but day turned into night and the forest grew quiet while I hid. I was hungry and cold but still to afraid to leave the shelter of the tree. I stayed hidden in a hollowed out trunk all through the night.

I waited until morning to leave my hiding place. I walked to the river only to find the ground littered with the dead. I tried not to look at their faces or see the blood that spilled on the ground. I had no idea who won the battle, but I was alone. At 12 years old, I had never been without my mother.

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