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The Adventure of the Mysterious Time Lord This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.

By Anonymous, Keswick, United Kingdom

The problem with sharing rooms with Sherlock Holmes, I reflected, was that you rarely get time to yourself. This might sound like a bizarre comment to my most faithful of readers who have read my many other cases, but even when you are sitting quietly reading by the fire, your mood will reflect that of the detective’s. I’ll explain…
Such is the individuality of my friend, that during a case he will be insanely excited about what is going on and how he might solve it, ignoring almost everyone around him, but that when there is a long period of monotony he will feel so depressed that, even if I am away from him and reading on my own, it’s hard not to share his bored mood.
Still, the adventure I am about to relate interests me not only because of its wondrous nature and all the things that were unveiled to me on this day, but also because it really showed me what the problems with having time to yourself are.

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