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Sweet Victory

By Karma_Crow, Savannah, GA

The muggy air made Rosie’s hair and shirt cling to her skin. For the hundreth time, she sighed heavily and pulled the shirt off of her skin, trying to calm and cool herself down. It must be the room, she thought with another sigh. She paced her small room, looking out the, open window. It was a dark, hot night with the clouds covering the sky. Or the fact I live in Georgia and the humitidy kills me. She started to pace the room again, worried. She looked at her phone, wondering when he would call. She sat back down on the bed, her arms wrapped around herself. She found herself staring out the window, looking at the moon. It’s full tonight. Just like the night we met, one month ago. Her eyes closed, the heat making her a bit sleepy as she fell back into memories.

She staid in a single-bedroom aparment, often sharing it with her only friend, Jazzy whom slept on the couch.

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