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Two Worlds

By Danealle, wheeling, IL

At two in the morning there is no better place to be than Santa Monica Beach. If I had to put a word to the beauty that is around me it would be “breathe taking.” However, that is an understatement and a cliché. The stars are shining like little spot lights; the moon is casting a blue shadow over the water giving the ocean an otherworldly glow. The night is silent except for the rhythmic crashing of waves; the sand feels cool between my toes. I still can’t believe I am going to leave all this behind to move to New York. I hear it’s always loud there and the people are far from pleasant. But what can you do when David Remnick calls and offers you a writing job; how can you say no?
So I sit here enjoying the sweet caress of the ocean breeze and try to memorize the feeling of calm that can only be achieved by sitting under a full moon for the last time.

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