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Last Leaf on the Tree

By Riley141, Yale, MI

The sky has just darkened. The wind was cold and stiff against my numb, brittle, leafy skin. I let the wind blow me in many directions. And then I remember one of my greatest worries, that has been confirmed. The winter is coming. And I knew that some of my friends were gone. But I was hoping it was just because they wanted to.

I almost felt frost bitten. The air was crisp and all of the leaves fell quiet. Most were asleep. Goose Bumps rose on my skin and I shivered. I saw more and more leaves fall even in their sleep. I didn't feel good about it but I was proud that I hadn't fell. It also scared me that I could be one of them.

The week after some of the first leaves fell we all started turning colors. I was a dull red in the middle and bright orange on the ends.

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