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Mowing the Lawn

March 5, 2008

By Hannah H., Brooklyn, NY

Few things on earth give me more joy than mowing the lawn in the middle of July. It is sweltering hot outside, and my senses are in tune to every miniature detail. The bright emerald of the grass contrasts perfectly with the deep summer blue of the sky, just as God designed it. The smell of summer - warm rain, buggy grasses, musty dirt, and blossoming flowers - mixes perfectly with the tart scent of key lime pie wafting from the kitchen. I can see the snow-topped, blue forested Rocky Mountains less than ten miles from our lawn. The nervous excitement of the summer storm on the horizon prickles my skin. These are just a few of the things I sense when I am mowing the lawn.

The Meadowlark’s trilling song mixes with the intense rushing of the water through the stream near our house. I am hesitant to start the lawn mower because of the beauty of the summer noises.

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