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Finding Home

July 15, 2011

By CookeysAndCream, Chadds Ford, PA

I got off the carousel a second time, the golden ring I caught warming in my hand. Holden was standing there, red hunting hat flattened out by the downpour. Everyone edged away from him, afraid of the teenager who dared stand in the rain. He didn’t seem to mind, though. He just stood there, grinning.

“Do you want to go on now, Holden? All the little kids are leaving, so we could have the whole carousel to ourselves!”

“No thanks, Phoebs. I’m just too big.”

“That’s a lousy excuse Holden, and you know it!”

“So? I’m still not gonna ride any goddam carousel.”

“Stop swearing!”

“Now, what are we doing just standing around in the goddam park for?

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