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Eke B., oegstgeest, Netherlands By EkeBont, Glasgow, United Kingdom

Water rushed against Mary’s legs. Shivering, she felt the chill of the river slowly trickling up the rest of her body, discarding the sticky feeling that came along with summer’s moist heat.
She pushed her hair behind her ear, and looked up at the sky. It was one of those rare summer days, where everything just seemed alive and perfect. Slowly she began to inch back towards the bank, careful to avoid the pebbles that were jutting out; ready to pounce and cut an unaware passerby’s feet.

Suddenly she was thrown off balance, and she swore under her breath as she grasped a nearby branch and steadied herself. However refreshing the creek might be, it was unpredictable and with one wrong step you’d trip and the cold water would swallow you. In fact, although Mary hadn’t realized, the river had once taken a girl’s life.

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