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The Day I Saved a Life

By coolstudygirl, Vermilion, OH

Hi! My name is Stacey and this is the time that I saved the life of someone that I saw on tv a lot. Ever since I was around five years old I watched Mike Webb telling us the weather on tv. He was on the national channel for weather called Weather in America. This experience changed my life forever.

Little did I know at the time my visit to see my uncle for the first time at his place would change my life forever. When I first saw my uncle I was ecstatic! I haven’t seen him in a year and I missed him dearly. On our first day we just settled at his place and went around his house and had fun. My uncle is a millionaire so he has a big mansion. We played games and watched tv and he told me that the Weather in America station was in the city he lives in.

So the next day we walked around town and saw the station from the outside and I just sat there imagining that my favorite meteorologists were all inside that building that I was standing in front of.

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