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Why He Stole

By LadyJaneGrey, Louisville, KY

I need it for the food, Dante thought as he swiped the cash box. No alarms went off, no night guard brust from nowhere to tackle him to the ground, no steel door began descending over the office's wooden one. A clean, successful theft. For food, Dante reminded himself. For the things I need for me and my family to survive. That's the only reason. Otherwise I wouldn't steal.

But that wasn't true, was it?

He and his family were hungry, but that wasn't the reason he stole.

Okay, he thought as he slowed to a walk once he was just outside the movie theatre, okay. My kid is dyslexic - no, autistic. He's majorly autistic, such that there's no way he can ever function outside the home unless he attends this one, groundbreaking, innovative school.

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