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I Lost My Found

By maryryan, Stafford, VA

You're a sneaky little thing, aren't you? Feeling tall on your pedestal. Lost.
Its just me. The effect on my back. A large coat. Heavy. But never worn since it's always lost.

A Romeo of all sorts. Do not bother with the door. Locked. How digestive keys can be.
The Moon a cheesy flashlight. Some crackers, perhaps? Wouldn't want you to get lost.

Gone to the dogs. Your stinky subconscious rotting there, though all I see it cats.
Pendulums of the inevitable. The clock silent. Tick. Tock. Deteriorating. Leaving. Lost.

Our dance is most barbaric when music-less. I see the notes but the tunes are mute.
A patched quilt torn too many times. Dull colors. Salty stains. Why can't it just be lost?

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