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Just Another Fairy Tale

By paige14, Portsmouth, OH

Once upon a time, there was a forest covered in snow. A small wagon bumped and bounced along the dirt path that wound through these trees. Now, this is no ordinary forest. The trees can walk and talk and all other kinds of things. The path is never the same from one hour to the next, and who knew where the unlucky travelers would come out. The wagon was perfectly ordinary and so was the driver, a poor man coming home after a long day.
This man had a kind and generous heart, perhaps too generous, given the fact his family had a bit of moldy bread for dinner tonight…and the night before. When the man saw a huddled figure just inside the woods, he stopped. Climbing down from the wagon, he saw that the figure was an old woman, so thin you could see her ribs through the holes in her cloak. The man couldn’t leave her there so he picked her up and set her gently in the back of the wagon.

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