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A Majority Decision Doesn't Always Mean It's Right

By princeofsparx, Manhattan, NY

Every year throughout middle school when classes ended and summer began, my mother would send me to summer camp. Due to her heavy work schedule, she didn’t have enough time to take care of me, and since the summer camp was run and created by my middle school- she knew that she could trust the teachers watching over me throughout the hot sunny months. An educational yet action-packed experience all packed in one; we had math and English classes in the morning, and activities ranging from karate to craft making in the afternoon. One of the classes that my peers and I hated the most was interpretive dancing. Not only did we constantly have to contort our bodies in weird shapes against outdated traditional music, it was embarrassing to pretend to be an unhappy tree, or even a cheerful rock. Most of us simply didn’t know what we were doing, and compared to the cool moves of karate and the beautiful things that we made in art class, interpretive dancing seemed unexciting and boring.

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