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Season Skip

By RemyMarin, Mansfield, CT

I walk down the beach on the hot sand. It gets inside my flip-flops and burns my feet. The sun beats down on my bare shoulders as I start to run towards the cool ocean. I kick off my shoes and splash in-

-to a snowdrift. I shiver, the mind-numbing cold chilling me to the bone, despite my many layers of warm clothes. The snow continues to fall, and I fall too, making a perfect snow angel. I smile as the little dancing flakes fall from the-

-tree. Leaves crunch under my toes as I wiggle them. I watch the last crisp red leaf fall from the branch. The wind starts to blow and all the trees begin to dance. I join in, twirling, and twisting, and spinning, finally jumping into a-

-mud puddle. I giggle as the mud splashes everywhere.

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