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What Audrey Hasn't Seen This work is considered exceptional by our editorial staff.

By emsun224, San Diego, CA

<i>Ah, America, the land of freedom and opportunity; I already miss you. </i> A cacophony of swerving, honking cabs and mobs of Chinese speaking in the loud, harsh tones of different dialects immersed us as we walked out the air-conditioned, all-shining-chrome airport terminal and into the sweltering heat of the parking lot. I took a small, hesitant breath, instantly regretting that I had; the sluggish Shanghai air was just as I remembered: saturated with car exhaust mixed with cigarette smoke, so thick it was a chore to breathe in. Covering my mouth, I couldn't help adding, <i>Ah, China, the land of terrible plumbing, scary bathrooms, and way too much pollution—where Crocs and the complete K-Pop look are all the rage. </i>
The incredible humidity and heat of a Southeastern Chinese July wasn't entirely unfamiliar to me.

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