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Respecting the Environment is Diminishing

By Dante1o1, Huntington Beach, CA

The environment around us is our domain and home where we can thrive and be ourselves. But our human race is slowly deteriorating our world even by the slightest actions that you may think are meaningless. Our surrounding is very gentle and simple where shrubs, trees, and orchids grow in a underlining pattern that no one really takes into account. What if we all accepted that we are oblivious to the problem that our nature reserves and in general our green earth could soon be in a state of danger.

If you don’t believe in religion or if you do, everyone still will agree that life started on earth known to be respected and beautifully accepted. As time went on over 2,000 years ago, (in B.C “Before Christ”) nature began to grow and its seeds were planted in the soil. Life sprouted out of plants and new colors were spreading in the land.

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