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Narrative Therapy

By paige14, Portsmouth, OH

Elyse ambled down the silent street, lost in reverie of the earlier night/morning. Her heels clicked on the cobblestones. Her red dress brushed against her legs. Her hair stuck to the back of her sweaty neck. It had been the perfect party. The right music played. The right people came. The right food was served. Everything was right. Even the weather was just right. A soft breeze brushed Elyse’s hair off her neck.

She stumbled. She heard a scream. Maybe it was the Schnapps talking…but no. There it was again. The horrible desperate scream of the dying. The sound echoed in Elyse’s pounding head. Without even thinking she ran into the dark alley, kicking off her fashionable but impractical heels as she went. Her bare feet pounded on the road. Her red dress tore as she raced around trash cans.

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