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By sundaysmile, Jackson, MS

I love you, so I’m just gonna say it. It should be easy, right? People do it every second of every day all over the world. I suck at math, but it seems like that’s a lot of publicity for three little words. There are movies centered around the idea. Songs written for the simple purpose of saying it over and over to their special someone. People say it in the bedroom. Before the leave to go to work. Sign language has developed a simple three-fingered gesture. It’s the road to conception of beautiful children, whether they were planned or not. It’s in holy Scripture, for Pete’s sake. I like Scripture. We like Scripture. Heck, so does the Easter bunny. (Chocolate eggs have to be the ultimate symbol of a furry creature’s knowledge of true love.) That should be reason enough, right there. So I’m going to say it. Are you ready?

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