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Cottage People This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.

By Maryanne G., Forest Hill, MD

Neat, orderly, and clean. Row upon row of plastic storage containers seem to exude an air of calm, a sense that everything is right in the world – everything has its place. If only I could transfer this to my house, my life. Perhaps these thoughts are why I find myself drawn to this aisle whenever I set foot in Target – I scan the various shapes of bins and make a mental list of what I could fit in them. Maybe this behavior isn't healthy, but on the few occasions that my need for order doesn't drive my mother crazy, she actually likes it.

• • •

All I want is the boat pump, the little contraption used to rid the paddleboat of rainwater. I know it would be faster just to use a bucket to bail the water out, but I'm in no hurry and it has to be in the boathouse somewhere.

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