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My Own Personal Cliché

By MusicMovement, Indianapolis, IN

“Hey babe!” I leaned in and kissed Josh. Well, I guess it was a bit more than a kiss. More like a mini make out session, but hey, what’s wrong with a little PDA?

“Get a room!” Someone yelled. I pulled away from Josh and laughed. Comments like that were always flying my way. They bothered me a little, but I figured it wasn’t bad if people noticed me. So maybe my skirts were a little short and my tops were a bit tight. But I had the body for it, and they made me look hot. Smokin’ hot.

“So I missed you yesterday. And the school missed your cute little half of the hottest couple at school.” Josh said in that way that makes me get butterflies inside.

“Awwww” I smiled before leaning in for another kiss.

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