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Water Park

By queentabbiecat99, dardanelle, AR

A little girl enters the huge water park for the first time. The sharp smell of chlorine stings her five year old eyes and nose. As her smarting eyes looked around happily, they returned time and again to the biggest slide there. She turned to her mom a begging whine on her lips.
The Mother smiled down, “Let’s go to the lazy river first, Cheyenne.”

The little girl nodded sadly. Her dark gold, curly, waves bouncing, “Okay Moma if you promise we can go on later.”

The mother laughed as she walked her to the younger kid rides, “Of course, but you got to promise not to freak out.” The girl smiled brightly as she ran after her mother just biding her time.

A few hours later both mother and child where starting to ware down.

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