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By Fitzgerald96, Folsom, CA

I’ve seen the brightest star fall, and its lights go out.
I saw the most devout
Look around at this world and be filled with doubt.
I’ve seen sinners get on their knees
And to heaven offer a plea.
I’ve seen joy in the eyes of those in pain,
Freedom in the face of the imprisoned, smiling at their chains.
I’ve seen poverty in a rich man’s heart.
Contradictions draw us both together and apart.
I’ve seen life in the body of a dead child.
I’ve seen death in the face of a young man gone wild.
I’ve seen Hope sitting with the ill,
And I’ve seen Fear dominating the will of the well.
I’ve seen bondage in freedom and maturity in the young,
Winds of change in their lungs
Which their elders lack.
I’ve seen intelligence on the wrong side of the tracks
And stupidity living in a New York flat.
Contradictions draw us both together and apart.
It’s not an answer, but it’s a start…

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