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Step Three: Failure

By AllCaughtUp, Shelton, CT

I have a relatively flawless track record when it comes to tests. Having never obtained a failing grade, I have come to think of myself as something of a Test Master. My secret, you ask? I’ve broken down the art of test-taking into a simple three-step system. Step one is preparation. Step two is knowledge of test content. The third and final step is following directions. This system works perfectly with every classroom test I’ve taken. Therefore, it is only natural that I apply it to my most important test to date: the driving test.

Since the tender age of six I have dreamed of filling the transparent window-pocket in my wallet with my very own driver’s license, hideous photograph and all. Years of anticipation, months of preparation, and hours upon hours of driver’s ed later, I am finally ready to overcome the final hurdle separating me from my license: the road test.

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