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Game Over

By paninilene, Long Beach, CA

Like a sudden breeze, it hit me with a cold, surprising defiance. I didn’t enjoy this feeling. I didn’t like surprises just as much as I hated suspense. As quickly as it had occurred to me, it left and a lonely void took its place. His words were the only support that kept me standing, alive and breathing. I thought it was all I needed, but it’s easy to change words. Like clothes, words change daily.

Like clothes and words, feelings change. You don’t love me anymore. It has dawned on me now that you don’t care. Maybe you did before, but now you don’t. I know you don’t. If you did, it wouldn’t be like this. We wouldn’t be like this. But I don’t know why I still love you.

I should hate you, despise you, and live on, happily without you.

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