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Brett Farve: Retirement

By athletegkb44, Boise, ID

Brett Farve is a legend in my family. The next thing I want for Christmas is a huge green Packers jersey with a giant number four on it. I really don’t think he wanted to retire at all. But hey, what could he do? Injuries told him to say goodbye. I doubt he would have if he had had a choice. I also think that everyone was really hard on him for coming back. I really wished he would have gone to the Super Bowl and beaten the Colts or whoever had been there. He deserved a going-out party; but all it turned out to be was a run across the field in a pair of sweats, a workout shirt, and a beanie, the next year. I doubt that coming back to the Jets wasn’t just a huge love of the game. I don’t think we should have called him an old man; he was, but still. Would you have enough will power and heart to come back at forty or how ever old he was? That’s something deeper than just wanting to play, or to have fame.

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