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Egotistical you

September 1, 2011

By Emmazing, Alexandria, VA

You did it, you’ve done it, you’ve broken my heart
Just when it was back together, you tore it apart
You smacked, you wacked it, you broke it in two
All over maniacal, perverted, egotistical you
Just when I thought you were the best of the best
It turns out you were just like the rest
You played me, you swayed me, you make believed
That you actually cared about shy, silly, dorky me
I hope your happy, your joyful, your just swell
Because in 90 years we all know you’ll be in hell
It makes me laugh all the lies that you’ve told
Because some days like the rest of us you’ll get old
And then you’ll realize you will have never really got to be,
With shy, silly, dorky, IMACULATE me :)


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