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Lucky Girl!

Destini W., Laurel, MD By SocialPariah, Laurel, MD

Of all people, Mr.Banks chose me to be Jake Polinski's partner. The kid who has never spoken one word in his life. The kid who should've been admitted to a special ed class. I've never had to work with him...up till now. What a lucky girl I am. We have to do some stupid writing project, about experiences. Oh this is a great experience, I can tell you that. and the worse thing about it, is that this is a home project. Not a class project. But I swear, Jake Polinski will not step foot inside any part of my house. So I told Jake a lie..."My house is being renovated so we won't be able to work in there." And guess what Jake did? He smiled! Some creepy smile it was. "That's okay Kristen. We can just stay after school." I agreed but in the back of my mind I was totally p*ssed. After school?

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