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A Beautiful Nightmare

By Chaday1911, West Point, MS

My state of being is unknown to me. Enveloped in complete obscurity, with no sound, no sight and no smell; there is no reason for me to go on, but I still move with difficulty because I feel superfluous weight cover my body. I see a forest materialize in my vision. I find that my movements are hindered from me wearing a very heavy long dress. I grasp it pulling it up so fallen sticks and branches won’t clasp and rip it and not only the dress was a problem, but also these stilettos I was wearing. This was crap I hate wearing dresses. The forest was dense with lush vegetation. I heard crickets and frogs making calling to retrieve mates. The moon hung high illuminating the tops of the pine and deciduous trees, with the wind softly seeping between the trunks of the trees. I saw specks of light come and disappear from around me.

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