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The Family We're Not

By Queena, East Hanover, NJ

When you think of your parents, what do you think of? Do you think of people you can talk to all the time, no matter what it’s about? Do you think of people that lay down the rules of your life? Do you think of laughter and good times you’ve shared with them?
Or does the word ‘hate’ immediately pop into your mind?
That’s how it is for me. My parents don’t even know I’m there. They’re too busy yelling at each other for stupid things, like my mom burning the dinner the slightest bit, or my dad having the TV turned a little too loud. They seem to love torturing each other.
But they don’t realize that the people they’re really torturing is their kids. That is, my two siblings and I. We have gone our whole life missing the love that kids normally get from their parents.

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